Okay, so that title may be a little dramatic but it was in my thoughts as I traveled to Seattle and Vashon Island for a dear friend’s wedding. I grew up in the Northwest and the idea of exercising outside is ingrained in us. Rain or shine. No one cancels a hiking trip or sea kayaking because of a little rain! Now that I live in LA I miss the beauty and the wildness of the NW and every time I visit I take advantage in any way I can.

I was thrilled when we planned a hike with friends at Mount Si near North Bend, WA. Hiking is a workout in itself, especially when your friends tell you it’s an easy hike and the first 15 minutes are straight uphill! This is the moment when you realize you don’t live in the NW anymore and you’ve become a city girl. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many times I climb the Santa Monica Stairs it is not the same!


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If you can find the time to exercise while traveling that is a huge success. I always tell me clients that even a short workout is better than nothing. Taking the time to fit in a couple of exercises and stretches only makes your mind and your body feel better.  If this feels like an impossible feat then check out my new luxury fitness concierge service Jette Sette where we take all that stress away and make exercising effortless (almost!).

Here are 3 exercises that I love to do while traveling (or on a deserted island!):


#1 The Pilates Stomach Series

The cool thing is that the Series of 5 can be done anywhere! On the floor in your hotel room or outside on a bench during your run, walk or hike. It gives your core an intense workout and also lengthens and opens the spine.

** Here I am demonstrating Scissors. Extend both legs to the sky, curl your upper body forward and stretch the spine. Place both hands behind one ankle and lower the opposite leg away from you. Focusing on your core and elongating the back of both legs, double pulse the top leg in towards you. Repeat 10x on each side.

** Not only do you work your core but you get an amazing stretch through the hamstrings and back of the body!

#2 Down Dog / Up Dog

I love extension and think the front of our bodies need to open and that we need to strengthen our backs (and BUTT!) as much possible. After climbing to the top of this peak the front of my body was desperate to open up. Because I was outdoors I chose to do downward facing dog into and up dog stretch.

No matter if you have just hiked a mountain or you have flown across the country the front of your body is tight and wants desperately to open up.

** Begin with your hands underneath your shoulders and walk your feet back to elongate your spine into a downward facing dog, reaching your hips to the sky. Imagine you have equal weight between your hands and your feet and extend your heels towards the ground. Hold and breathe.


** Gracefully shift your hips forward through a plank position and begin to arch your upper spine forward and up while rotating your shoulders back. Carefully open the front of the body into Upward Facing Dog but don’t let yourself sink into your lower back. If this feels too intense for your body lower onto your hands and knees and begin to round and arch the spine using the support of the ground. Repeat 5x.

#3 Plank

When in doubt add a plank! It is a great stabilizing movement that gets the whole body powered up. Not only do you need to fire up your shoulder girdle but your core better be working to
support your spine and prevent you from sagging to the ground. The legs should be engaged and reaching long to create even more power and balance through the whole posture.

** Starting on hands and knees, making sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders, extend one leg straight back putting weight onto the ball of your feet. Extend the 2nd leg to join the first and squeeze the inner thighs together.

** Hold the position with your core lifting up towards your spine. Make sure you don’t sink in the shoulders or low back. Hold the position for 10-30 seconds depending on your strength and form. Repeat 3x. Remember to BREATHE!


Now the reality is that actually doing these exercises while traveling may feel impossible for you which is EXACTLY why I created Jette Sette. I wanted to provide my clients with the support they needed to keep up with their fitness goals while they travel anywhere in the world.

I hear all the time how frustrated my clients are that they have gained weight or suffer from their reoccurring injuries while on the road. Jette Sette is your solution. If you are looking for someone to help find you an elite level trainer while you travel for work or pleasure send me a message. Booking with Jette Sette will give you access to my elite instructors around the world!

Obviously if you ARE on a deserted island exercising might not be the first choice you make but if you are traveling to an inhabited location give these 3 exercises a try! Enjoy!


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