passionate living for an artful body

Your body is a work of art.

You deserve the highest quality experiences.
You deserve to be comfortable in your own skin.
You deserve to feel Empowered. Dynamic. Unstoppable. YOU.

So letting an injury or lack of fitness spoil your lifestyle is not on the agenda.

Yet when you push your body past its edge (and injure yourself) or fall out of your workout routine (because life gets hectic), that’s exactly what happens.

You end up… Disappointed. Frustrated. Sad. Your body isn’t performing the way you want it to.

I know all about those disappointments. I have been there.

I’ve been a dancer my whole life. When it came time for college, I was very fortunate to earn a full scholarship to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. There I was, bright eyed and bursting with a love for dance that was unstoppable. I was going to be on Broadway, and I gave it my all. That was until I tore my hamstring in rehearsal. If you’ve ever been injured doing something you love you know what happens. Injuries change everything.


Suddenly, I was unable to do what I loved most, what made me feel alive, driven, fulfilled. I was beyond devastated. So I went home to Seattle, shattered (both emotionally and physically), to recuperate and try to rebuild my strength.

I did everything to heal my leg: rest, acupuncture, physical therapy. I was frustrated, angry, sad, and more than anything I missed dancing. I was not myself without it.

But then I found Pilates.

My dear friend introduced me to Pilates for rehabilitation and I finally started to see some improvements. First, I started to feel stronger – the strongest I had felt since my college days. I felt my body healing; I felt my dreams returning.

Pilates strengthened my body, healed my injuries, and most importantly – it rebuilt my spirit. I felt more connected to my body than ever before. The practice prepared me, mentally and physically, for more rigorous, professional dancing.

In just a few months’ time, I was stronger than ever. I relocated to New York City and immediately began dancing with multiple dance companies. Becoming a certified classical Pilates Instructor was the natural next step. I wanted to bring this incredible method to athletes, dancers, and fitness minded individuals everywhere.

Through it all, Pilates was the one thing that I knew was helping build my body up rather than break it down.

It healed my body and allowed me to achieve my dreams, and it can do the same for you.

I am devoted to your body as a work of art.


Fast forward 20 years. I now have more than two decades of experience helping others (like YOU) regain their strength and achieve the fit body they’ve always wanted. Seeing my clients make progress, become more connected to their bodies and feel better than ever is the ultimate win.

Pilates can be the key to becoming your strongest self.

And hey, really great abs never hurt either…

If you’re ready to see how Pilates can transform you, you’re in the right place.

I have been taking one-on-one Pilates instruction with Briana for about 14 years. As an instructor she is knowledgeable, professional, experienced and a complete joy to work with. Her background as a professional dancer means she understands physiology and nutrition which not only makes her a much more effective teacher, but enables her to assess her clients and truly customize fitness programs based on their age, lifestyle and body type. Briana’s passion for health and wellness, is evidenced by the fact that she is so well versed in so many different types of fitness techniques, especially the latest and most cutting edge programs. She weaves the best of these techniques into her own classes and always bring something new and innovative to the table. Her recent stint in Paris reinforced her love of travel as well as exploring and teaching fitness everywhere. But it’s Briana’s spirit, energy and positive attitude that truly differentiates her from her competition. – Sarah Kugelman, Founder of skyn ICELAND /
I started working with Briana over 10 years ago to get ready for my wedding. She is not only a wonderful teacher but has become a great friend. Her deep knowledge of not only pilates but the human anatomy (from her “other life” as a dancer) totally contributed in transforming my body! I am happy to say that although we are on opposite coasts now – I always make it a priority to get a session in with her whenever she’s here or I’m there! You (& your body) will not regret your time with her!! – Joy Andal Kaye (NYC)
As a long time pilates student and former instructor I must say that Briana is one of the most talented and affable pilates professionals that I have ever encountered. She has outstanding working knowledge of the art of pilates and importantly also possesses advanced knowledge of biomechanics, which allows her to develop very effective workouts. My husband and I have both been Briana’s clients for several years and highly recommend her to both novice and advanced students alike. – Carrie Fiedor (LA)
Meeting Briana and working with her has changed my life! She is extremely knowledgeable about human anatomy and very in tune with my body. She listens to my needs, attends to my injuries and truly wants me to feel as good as I can feel. In other words, she actually cares! And to top it off, she has such a positive, effervescent personality you can’t help but feel happier being around her. A great Pilates instructor and wonderful friend. – Kay (NYC)

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