To mark the inaugural Brunch with Bri I had to invite my dear friend Dante and his boyfriend Lane (and, of course, Josh!) up to Venice for brunch. It was Dante and our friend Gabe who brainstormed this brilliant blog idea last year and it only seems fitting to involve these boys.

I decided we had to take them to the Tasting Kitchen off Abbot Kinney which is one of my favorite (and decadent!) brunch spots. The food never disappoints and you always leave full and satisfied.



We agreed to brunch at the late hour of 2p which for us New Yorkers is a normal time to brunch but not when you live in LA. By 2p in LA, most people have already taken a run on the beach, enjoyed a yoga class and had a green juice. We eventually sat down and the Tasting Kitchen was packed to the brim.


It wasn’t until we looked at our menus that probably ¾ of the menu was marked as finished! I was shocked.


I have never been there when the menu only really had a couple of egg dishes and (thank god!) the fried chicken & waffles. Of course, it is never a dull moment with these boys so we had to give the waitress a hard time for this limited menu. In a nice way of course! 😉 I will admit that I also got teased quite a bit for inviting the boys to drive all the way up from Irvine to brunch with a limited menu.


brunch 03 700


Needless to say, we ate well and thank goodness there were delicious drinks and their amazing sticky bun which I pretty much order every time.


The boys were happy with their fried chicken and waffles and my omelette was yummy!


brunch 04 700


brunch 05 700


The takeaway is DON’T brunch in LA after 1p! Lesson learned.


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