YouTube Channel Launch

YouTube Channel Launch

Well, it is finally here! I have officially launched my Jette Sette Youtube Channel. Super scary and exciting! Optin below to gain access to one my pilates videos. This project has been such a journey and I am thrilled for all of you to have a bunch of fabulous workouts right at your fingertips.

This shoot was good challenge for me… emotionally and business wise. I am a perfectionist. I like things to go my way. I plan my life thoroughly so I know things will work out. I am all about the details (as many of you know! 😉 ) Well, I quickly learned that you have no control on set and the twists and turns that occur are often out of your power. This is a life lesson I struggle with daily!



I am happy to say that we made it through and got some kickass videos to show for it.  And I am already planning the next shoot. So I am proud that I pushed through even when I wanted to throw in the towel. I have learned a lot and I am excited for the next videos to turn out even better.

Let me know what you want to see in the upcoming workouts. What do you want to work on? What are you curious about? Questions you have been pondering? I would love your feedback. Send me a message!


LA’s Best Fall Events

LA’s Best Fall Events

Every year when fall arrives I feel such excitement for what’s to come! Summer is totally fun, but I love when the routine returns and all my favorite things are in full swing. I start getting organized in the summer to plan for what’s ahead. The trick is to keep track of the different theatres, dance companies and artists you love so you know when they are in town. Buying a subscription to your favorite spot is a great way to save money on tickets, plus there are usually great additional perks to becoming a member like free parking (ex: Wallis Annenberg).

The culture in Los Angeles is getting more complex with each passing year and finally I can say that I feel excited with my options. (Even though I still will be planning a trip to NYC at some point in October, I need a fix!)




Here’s a list of my top 5 choices for Fall 2016 in LA:





Sept 7 – Oct 16 – Ahmanson Theatre

I have been dying to see this play since it premiered on Broadway and the West End in London. How can you go wrong with a classic play by Arthur Miller and directed by Ivo Van Hove? This play won the Tony this year for Best Revival of Play and for Best Director. This is a must see if you love American theatre directed by a Belgian with a radically stripped down interpretation.






Now until Oct 2 – Broad Museum

I went to see this exhibit in June when it opened and it is one of the most immense collections of Cindy Sherman’s work. This exhibit allows the viewer to explore her process and evolution of her artistry. She is one of the most important female artists of our time. Go see this before it closes.







Month of October – Various locations in LA

This is an exciting time in the dance world, especially here in LA to have William Forsythe teaching at USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. Starting at the end of Sept and into October, USC has organized a month of events revolving around the importance of Forsythe’s choreography on the future of dance. Forsythe has changed the landscape of choreographic exploration over the last four decades. There are lectures at USC, site specific works showing at LACMA and the culmination of the month at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion highlighting 3 of our national ballet companies – San Francisco Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet and Houston Ballet. If you prefer more classical ballet technique to the avant garde, the show at the Music Center is the one for you.






Robert Wilson’s LETTER TO A MAN

Nov 18 & 19 – Royce Hall/ UCLA

First of all, if you have never seen Mikhail Baryshnikov on stage just do yourself a favor and buy a ticket. This concept theatre piece is directed by the iconic avant garde director Robert Wilson and is based on the life of the legendary dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinksy. After seeing THE OLD WOMAN starring Baryshnikov and Willem Dafoe a couple years ago, I knew this current collaboration between these two artists was not to be missed.






Opening late November (I hope!) – Abbot Kinney, Venice

This new restaurant by Evan Funke will be taking over the old Joe’s restaurant space on Abbot Kinney. I live in Venice so I am thrilled that we are adding another top notch restaurant to our regular spots. I am hoping that Felix will stay with a strong Italian influence and not fall into the boring “new american” cuisine which seems to be all the rage on the Westside.




This list only skims the surface, but I hope this will inspire you to try something new. Go see a dance piece or explore the Broad Museum if you haven’t been yet. Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I would love to help you decide on shows or organize your adventures in any way I can. My concierge service Jette Sette goes far beyond just booking your pilates and fitness classes while you travel. I am also available to create a custom itinerary of things to do specifically for you. Inquire for more info!

Happy Fall!


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Back in LA

After almost 2 years in Paris I moved back to Los Angeles in July.  I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Living in another country really changes you for the better.  I always dreamed of living in Paris from my first trip there in 2000.  I wanted to eat and drink my way thru the days and travel as much as possible.  I believe I did that and could have continued on for years.  Travel and immersing myself in a new place is what I live for.

Was it hard to leave?  Absolutely.  One of the most difficult choices I have made.  My life and work in Paris were truly thrilling.  I was living my days as fully as I could.  Busy with friends, art and culture and teaching pilates to some of the most intriguing clients I have ever had.  I needed to take some time before I could reflect on my time abroad because the transition back was intense.  I miss the friends I have made in Paris every day.  I miss our afternoon coffees or apèros and the way the day would change into night without a moments notice.  I miss the challenging French ways that will always make me laugh.  If I never hear another French person say, “Ce n’est pas possible”, it will be a good day.  The other day I had a croissant for the first time since Paris – BIG MISTAKE.  It looked so good and then I bit in and wanted to cry and laugh at how horrible it was.  Don’t get mad Angelenos, I am sure there are good croissants somewhere but come on, do any truly compare to the French?

I came back to LA because my love is here.  As I pondered what path I would take, I began to realize that the French understand what is important.  Food, wine, family & friends and the time you spend with them.  Nothing else truly compares except possibly for good conversation added into the mix.  I knew the relationship I have with Josh was worth giving up the other things.  For now.

I am learning to live in LA and give into all it’s eccentricities.  I want to keep my thirst for travel alive and give myself the time off to explore.  Our American lifestyle really cheats people of this importance.  The French understand this need.  Taking time to rejuvenate and re-connect makes life worth it.  I want to live with that intent.  Now that I am with my partner again it only makes each day that much more fun.  I am looking forward to what this next chapter has in store for us.

à bien tôt