It’s impossible to maintain your physique while you travel.

Working out all alone, in an unfamiliar gym is NOT the same.

Your body is a work of art.

It should never be compromised.

Your body deserves to be conditioned (toned, balanced, aligned) by the best in the business.

And traveling around the globe, whether for work or play, should never change that.

Which is exactly why I created Jette Sette. The elite fitness concierge service that delivers high quality, high-end training, anywhere in the world.

Briana and I began working together in Paris in 2012. She not only taught me pilates but became my private at home personal trainer. Briana was a ray of sunshine that would come to my house in the mornings, to not only motivate me and make my body stronger, but to truly focus on what my mind and soul needed. Her ability to read my body and energy the minute she walked in the door is remarkable. She knows my life is insanely busy with work and constant travel but I always knew I was in expert hands working with Briana. It was such a joy to train with Briana and I cannot wait to have a little piece of her with me now as I travel. – Suzanne Koller – Fashion Director, M Le Monde (Paris)
Briana’s service Jette Sette was essential to keeping up my at home routine and feeling my best while traveling. She made all the arrangements and it was a seamless workout that totally complimented and built on what Briana and I had been working on at home. I’ll never leave town without using her client tailored service Jette Sette again! I can’t say enough about the thought and care Briana puts into setting up sessions for her clients to ensure we both feel and look our best!– Angela Ulman – COO, Mad Old Nut Productions (LA)

Picture how different your

travel experience would be if you were….

  • Rocking your stellar “pilates” posture at that business meeting abroad and saying goodbye to pain-in-the-neck jet lag.
  • Feeling sexy and confident at that gala event because you have a physique that has earned haute couture.
  • Slaying your co-worker in that tennis match, because your body is just as sharp as your game.
  • Lounging in a bikini on that deck or shoreline, since your abs are now worthy of attention.
  • Waking up rejuvenated after your long flight, instead of aching from the airplane, because you had your own personal pilates session right upon arrival.

Show your best self to the world (while you travel it). Jette Sette is the luxury fitness concierge experience to make this happen.

‘French women don’t exercise’ — in my case, that was not a cliché before I met Briana. Beyond being a great pilates teacher, as I was starting from scratch, she taught me the need to keep exercising. – Johanna K (Paris)

This service is for the Fitness enthusiast who…

  • Knows that training with an expert is paramount, and they want the best of the best.
  • Realizes that keeping a regular routine is imperative to prevent old injuries from flaring up while maintaining a strong body.
  • Is looking for an elite, professional service that will take care of everything from the who, where, when and the how you’re going to get there.
  • With your body taken care of, you can rest easy while you travel.

Select Jette Sette to receive –

  • Access to my Global Network of Fitness Professionals. I have hand picked the best Pilates instructors and personal trainers all over America, Europe and elsewhere too! Allow me to use my far-reaching Pilates connections to book your private sessions while you travel.
  • Private Training Sessions & Transportation – Scheduled for YOU. For the days you’ll be away, I will book your trainer and your transportation to ensure you are maintaining your routine while you’re traveling. All you need to do is show up ready for an amazing workout.
  • The Logistics Phone call. Before you leave, we will spend 1 hour virtually. 30 minutes of this will be strictly devoted to your body in a private training session. This gives me a chance to get to know you, your form and how you move. You’ll also tell me everything about your itinerary so I can find the perfect Fitness professional for you, available to meet the needs of your demanding travel schedule.
  • The Plan. Once the plans have been confirmed, you will be delivered a detailed PDF with all of the specifics, directions, and any other information you will need for your trip.
Briana was my first Pilates teacher, and I was lucky enough to have had several years of her expertise under my belt before she moved away from New York. Her enthusiasm for the work and for the simple joy of movement is infectious, and easily explains why I continue to love doing Pilates. But what explains why I never hurt myself or felt threatened by any of the movements is Briana’s unique ability to communicate precisely what she wants, and to see like some great action hero where each part of my body is and what muscles are working. This is a real gift. – Amy Musher (NYC)
Briana has been a steady part of my workout life for years now, ever since we met in Paris. Despite the geographical distance of me living in Germany she manages to whip me in to shape through our amazing virtual sessions, from all the way across the Atlantic like no one else! She went through two pregnancies with me and put me back into a bikini body just a few months later. – Dr. Jeannette Erbprinzessin zu Fürstenberg (Germany)
I started working with Briana in 2012 two times a week. She is so intuitive with what is going on with my body! (travel ie: jet lag, too much stress/food/wine) Briana constantly changes up our work out to increase my strength which keeps it interesting and fun. Truly, my core is stronger, and she picked up on my shoulder and calf issues right away. Pilates is pretty addictive with Briana! Try it you’ll love the results!!! – Rosa Sinnott (LA)

Excludes reimbursable expenses, car service costs, and your trainer’s fee.

Corporate Pricing available.

{Contact Briana} to learn more.