Pilates can shift your body from so-so to seriously strong. And I can help.

Whether we work together in person, virtually or with me as your private fitness and pilates concierge, you can rest assured that you’ll have the best support possible for creating your ideal body.

SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: Strength. Confidence. Focus.

Simply put, I know the power of Pilates.

Working with me can, and will, be life and body changing.

With over two decades of experience teaching Pilates and specializing in one-on-one training, I bring a level of detail and precision that will literally transform your body.

This is not a class. This is private, specialized, individualized training. I have heard (many times) that someone “doesn’t like” Pilates or doesn’t think it’s hard enough. “That’s not a real workout!” (Ha!) Done right, Pilates is harder than your average workout. And those who have never experienced their whole body shaking from a Pilates workout, haven’t had the real experience. Chances are, it wasn’t the Pilates – it was the instructor.

A high quality instructor makes all the difference in the world when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

Briana was my Pilates teacher for over a year in Paris. She used to come to my house early in the mornings no matter the weather with her fantastic positive energy and good mood that would make any person smile and remain upbeat. Her pilates was preparing me for my hip replacement operation to come and the post operation recovery. I recovered in 14 days thanks to a fantastic surgeon but also thanks to Briana. She was incredibly important with her knowledge about the entire body from her previous professional dancer career. I made tremendous progress thanks to Briana’s brilliant tailor made exercise for me, and I miss her so much. I can truly recommend Briana’s work to that lucky person who will have the privilege of training with her. – Fredrika Sundberg (Paris)


Can you imagine…

  • Living with a constant sense of accomplishment because you’re finally getting the meticulous attention to detail and form that you need.
  • Building a relationship with a Fitness Professional who will truly know your body, instead of wasting your time (and money) with ineffective methods (read: gym classes, inexperienced trainers, crazy workout programs), so you consistently move forward with progress.
  • Feeling alive and breathing easily every single day knowing your body is working out intelligently, instead of mindlessly following a group as with bootcamp and cross-fit style workouts.
  • Leaving your workout with better posture, tighter, firmer muscles and less tension in your body and joints because you’re working with your body instead of against it.

Basically, Pilates helps you feel like a million dollars.
And you are worth it.

Every session with Briana is fun, challenging and unique. She pushes me and has helped me (and continues to help me) gain strength and confidence. She is extremely positive and encouraging – just a pleasure to be around. She is a wonderful teacher and friend! – Sarah Bederman (LA)
I’ve been taking Pilates class in Paris with Briana for over a year and a half and I can honestly say she’s an amazing teacher. She is really active and positive all the time and knows how to motivate you; she knows how to make a hard workout fun! She helped me find my limits and defy them. And finally, she really cares about her clients, on the human level as well as the physical level. – Aurélia (Paris)

What’s Included

  • (1) Sixty minute Private Pilates session with Briana virtually, in your LA home, or at the studio in Santa Monica.
  • A personalized workout based on your goals and your body’s needs.
  • Flexibility to improvise: I meet you where you & your body are in that moment, both emotionally and physically.

An investment in an excellent trainer
is an investment in yourself.

Your investment –

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There comes a time when age and disabilities limits the type of exercise available to an individual and maintaining strength becomes a priority. Fortunately, Briana Masson exists and I have been fortunate enough to have her as my pilates instructor for many years. Briana has worked with and around my varied problem areas; back, knee and shoulder. She has helped me develop a strong core to strengthen my body and avoid further injury. I feel safe in Briana’s capable hands and value her skill and intelligence. – S. Spiegel (LA)
Briana is a super Pilates trainer. Fun but strict… – John Heyman (NY)
I have been taking one-on-one Pilates instruction with Briana for about 14 years. As an instructor she is knowledgeable, professional, experienced and a complete joy to work with. Her background as a professional dancer means she understands physiology and nutrition which not only makes her a much more effective teacher, but enables her to assess her clients and truly customize fitness programs based on their age, lifestyle and body type. Briana’s passion for health and wellness, is evidenced by the fact that she is so well versed in so many different types of fitness techniques, especially the latest and most cutting edge programs. She weaves the best of these techniques into her own classes and always bring something new and innovative to the table. Her recent stint in Paris reinforced her love of travel as well as exploring and teaching fitness everywhere. But it’s Briana’s spirit, energy and positive attitude that truly differentiates her from her competition. – Sarah Kugelman, Founder of skyn ICELAND /