Each Jette Sette Experience is inspired by the city we are visiting. Whether the focus be on culture, adventure or food, there will always be an element of wellness and health. My desire is to design each trip and it’s story with the perfect balance of creativity and relaxation.

I love to travel and explore and I want to share this passion with you. I do all of the research and planning so you don’t have to. The Jette Sette Experience offers you a deeper insight to the city or culture because I am driven to know what makes a place unique. I never settle for the ordinary and expected. Whether we eat at a restaurant by a bright new chef or sit in the theatre experiencing one of the world’s top dance companies…it should feed that wanderlust inside of us.

Travel makes us better humans and I want to offer that gift to you.

For each Jette Sette Experience, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit organization. This element of the trip is extremely important to me. I want to support each of these local communities and give back.

{Upcoming Experiences}

Join the Jette Sette Experience for an incredible weekend of Wellness & Wine in Los Alamos, California. One of my favorite parts of California is the Santa Ynez Valley with it’s gorgeous landscapes and sleepy cowboy towns. It is THE perfect weekend getaway from L.A.! It’s a quick scenic drive to Los Alamos which is the hidden gem of the valley. The town has only one main road which is filled with insanely delicious restaurants, natural winemakers that understand the land, and quirky renovated motels providing the perfect place to stay.